2 thoughts on “Ancient meets modern

  1. Very nice and informative blog–thank you for sharing! I am fairly new to tablet weaving, having finished a few long chevron strips on a modified inkle loom over the past few months. I am very happy with the strips I have finished, but I am trying to finish the ends and then attach the strips to various cuffs/cloak edges without success. In particular, my attempts at battening down the ends has turned out very messy. Do you have any tips/resources on how to do this? I have looked high and low online for a guide to the process. Thank you!


    • Thank you!
      I doubt that I have any more tips than you will have discovered already. The ends are definitely the hardest part, so use just one piece for any given edge, even if it means folding the TW. Corners are tricky but at least you don’t have to worry about fraying. Lots of tiny stitches seems to be the key, and put the ends where they can’t be seen. I actually don’t like the way I did my cuffs, and will do them more simply next time. (I folded one end under, and overlapped the folded end over the end that I had already stitched to the cuff. That meant I sewed through three layers of TW! Next time I will just put the ends into the seam. I will oversew the ends, to stop them fraying, and it won’t matter that they look messy because they will be hidden, and the overlap that you get when you use hooks to hold the cuff close to the wrist will lie much flatter.)


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