Krokbragd, Boundweave and Danskbrogd

Some time ago, I discovered krokbragd, and realised it would be very easy to do on a Scandinavian type warp weighted loom, no real surprise there, as it was obviously a rug weave. I played around with the method on a rigid heddle loom and came up with several little motifs that I liked, and looked around on the internet for more. One image had rows of little men, women, houses, pine trees and snow capped mountains. There was no information with it except that it was “traditional krokbragd pattern”. It couldn’t be krokbragd though, as the motifs used too many warps, so it was no use to me at the time.


Once again looking for weaves that would be easy to do on a Scandinavian type WWL, I remembered it, and started looking up krokbragd, hoping I would stumble across it again. I found dozens and dozens of other motifs of different widths but I didn’t find those. I did find that weft faced weaves are also called boundweave, though, and further searching brought up a gem of an article about danskbrogd. While it will take me a while to get my head round the instructions it is clear that it is a three shaft point threading using pickup, so is a perfect candidate for weaving on the WWL.


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