There is a connection

Recently I’ve been busy clearing part of the jungle that my garden has become, and the only other thing I’ve thought about writing about is related to my health issues, so even less relevant . . . except that actually, putting aside the rant about modern medecinal research being swept under the carpet, my health problems are related to modern diet. In fact, the diet that became normal for most of the world just 10,000 years ago, in particular, the change to wheat and cattle/dairy farming.

I will try to explain without going off on a rant.

Starch, much more than sugar or fat, is the trigger to my putting on weight. (And I suspect this is actually the same for a very significant proportion of people.) I have a theory as to why this is the case, but it’s only a theory, and would take a lot of writing to explain, and I have a ton of stuff to do today!

The rest of my problems are related to gluten and casein, and while gluten is talked about a lot, it’s insignificant compared to casein.

The problems themselves are caused in the same way, the same enzyme is needed to break down (digest) both gluten and (cow’s milk) casein, and the partially broken down proteins (peptides) of both casein and gluten cause the same problems, but there is not much gluten in flour compared to how much casein there is in cheese or dried milk.
I’d actually tried a gluten free diet more than once, with no noticeable improvement in anything, but it was an improvement to my sleep, correlating to a period with no cheese that alerted me to dairy being the major culprit in my problems.
Since cutting out dairy, (well cow and goat dairy, I’m ok with ewe’s milk products) I can detect the effect of too much gluten, but it takes a lot of bread to do it, and at the moment, I’m avoiding bread anyway (and other high starch foods) to keep control of my weight, so it doesn’t often happen. A small portion of battered fish is fine as far as gluten sensitivity is concerned, but combined with a modest portion of chips, I can wave goodbye to a couple of days weight loss!


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