Eye candy

It’s not that I’ve not been doing anything interesting that I haven’t posted much lately, it’s just that I realised I need to put photos in my posts more often. I have quite a few pending posts that ‘just’ need photos, and it’s getting around to taking them that’s the sticking point.

I have been to a reenactors fair, and that got me interested in sprang again, so I have finished off some bits of sprang that had been sitting around unfinished for far too long, and done a couple of plain samples to find out how thick a yarn I need for some replica sashes, I have several lengths of tablet weaving, and some interesting WIPs, all need photgraphing, if they’re going to make the basis of any interesting posts.

In the meantime, I have played around with double faced methods, (nothing photogenic there, alas!), made a pair of mini felted boots to go on the xmas tree, and spent a night in an unheated Anglo-Saxon house after the ‘Yule’ Feast.

And now I’m busy planning a trip to Morocco!


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