Change of plan – Stoneage Weaving

Not so long ago I found out that the first weaving was weft twined, rather than under over type, and twisted bast strips, rather than loose fibre, but I had been looking at Egyptian looms and weaving, so while I made the connection between basket weaving and the first fabric I hadn’t thought about the real potential of twining. It had been a long time since I had seen the picture of a Chilkat cloak in ‘The Book of Looms’, and there is no indication there of how they start their work.

Yesterday, I was looking at the older WWL videos on YouTube, when a title caught my eye: Taaniko Weaving – A Maori Weaving Technique. What an absolutely lovely video! Full of background information as well as detailed instructions for starting and finishing, and lots of inspiring pictures of what to do in between.

I was a bit late going to bed last night!


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